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A Rip in Heaven is Jeanine Cummins' story of a night in April, 1991, when her two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry, and her brother, Tom, were assaulted on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River just outside of St. Louis. When, after a harrowing ordeal, Tom managed to escape the attackers and flag down help, he thought. Rockin’ Ricks Cosmic Debris Special Podcast July 28th, 2022 Avenida Espana Gardens Summer Barbeque 1st Set 32 Minutes 1. Hello Hello Hello – The Three Stooges 2. Three Blind Mice – The Three Stooges Theme Song 3. This Is It – Bugs Bunny & Friends 4. Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer – Nat King Cole – 2:52 – Master # 52144 – Take 3 –.

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